Shiloh High School

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Shiloh Mission Statement:

To relentlessly pursue high-level teaching and learning for all students and staff.

Shiloh Academies and pathways:

Freshman Academy

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Graphic Design  ●  Sports and Entertainment Marketing  ●  Hospitality and Tourism  ●  Audio-Video Technology and Film

Wellness, Health, and Education

Sports Medicine  ●  Teaching as a Profession  ●  Pharmacy Technician


Advanced Career - Innovations in Science and Technology  ●  Programming and Gaming Engineering and Technology  ●  JROTC - Air Force

Business and Marketing

Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship  ●  Fashion Marketing  ●  Business Accounting

Key Business Partners:


CVS Pharmacy

Shiloh High School teamed up with CVS pharmacy to create the first mock pharmacy in a high school in the Southeast. CVS has helped build the pharmacy classroom, donated supplies, empty prescription bottles, pill vials and canisters, signage, and other miscellaneous supplies and marketing materials. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the End of Pathway assessment which will grant them certification as a pharmacy technician. Upon attaining the certification students are eligible for hire at any CVS.


Eastside Medical center

Our newest business partnership with Eastside Medical Center will enhance learning in our healthcare academy and promote student growth. Through this partnership, our students will have access to experiences that are not possible in a school setting. The healthcare students will be able to visit the medical facility for job shadowing, internships, and more. Through Eastside, our students will leave high school better prepared for college and career opportunities.

Principal: Dr. Danyel Dollard
Academy Coach: Beau Pezoldt